Every Day Carry Gear Organizer

All items on this page are made by me.

This first time is a leather organizer that has the ability to hold a reporter style Moleskine journal, tactical pen and has 6 slots to hold various gear. It also has the ability to be clipped to a belt.

This second item is a hand crafted brown/tan leather edc organizer that has a multitude of pockets that can hold everything from pens to knives.

This third item is an edc organizer made out of orange leather and has red paracord to hold it closed it. It builds upon the previous edc organizer but takes it much further and can carry more gear. It also integrates a pocket to put notes cards (3x5) in for those quick notes.

And the final piece is certainly not the least. It integrates all of the features of the 2nd and 3rd organizer, but has a pocket big enough to hold a Moleskine cahier notebook as well as 3x5 note cards. It has enough pockets in it to make any EDCer happy. One of the most defining features of this organizer is the beauty of the black leather and the white sinew thread.


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