Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Comments / Questions

Hello everyone. As I build this blog and I post to the regular blog and to the individual pages for the various items please feel free to leave comments and/ or questions on the page; or you are welcome to contact me at Thank you and happy browsing. 

Post for day 2

Hello everyone this is my post for day 2. I have spent the whole day climbing around in trees cutting limbs. I was seeing if I could get enough sap on me from one of the pines that I was climbing to successfully get my self stuck to the trunk. Anyways, here is some on the gear that I was carrying today. Some of it is tried and true, but it was the first day that I was able to use my new bag. While the bag is not what some would consider expensive I have to say that I am very impressed with it so far as it carried everything that I need to carry and then all of the extras that I packed in to it today.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Initial Post

Today I have ventured into the world of blogs, and honestly I have no idea of what they are about other than to treat them as a journal. So, with that being said that is how I will treat this. In this blog I will be posting some of the new things that I am or have created. Here is some of the most recent.

 This wallet / pocket organizer came out of being tired of loose items being in my pockets and while I was at it I decided to integrate an area for credit cards.

This little item is a coin pouch that I made to protect a 1921 Morgan Silver dollar that I got in a swap from a member of It could also be used to hold a challenge coin.

Well that is it for today, stay tuned until next time.